Targetta and Elisa Kassa integration beta now available

Targetta has now released beta version of integration with Elisa Kassa POS system. Now Elisa Kassa customers can easily implement Targetta merchandise planning and budgeting system, including open-to-buy and WSSI features. Difficult to maintain and error-prone spreadhseets can be replaced with modern cloud-based planning tool.
Fashion retailers in particular, are well-aware of the benefits of open-to-buy and WSSI (Weekly Sales Stock and Intake) planning and reporting which help to control over- and underbuying. Targetta can automate those processes, calculate open-to-buy metrics, helping merchandisers in daily and weekly stock optimization decisions.

Connecting Targetta to Elisa Kassa provides additional retail-specific reports and dashboards, for example weekly and monthly sales by product categories and sales channels. In retail, it’s common practice to compare results and plans with last year’s same period. Targetta adds last year comparisons, plus comparisons between plans, forecasts and actuals.
Elisa Kassa is a POS system offered in Finland .

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