Finnish retailer has published a to 20 lists returned items, most serviced items and similar lists for smartphones. As returns cause considerable burden to the supply chain the customers are being told: “Don’t buy this from us!”. The merchant is offering an alternative to the Black Friday with a message saying “Sustainable Christmas”.

We are not seeing much retailers taking similar responsibility by warning the customers and welcome the initiative. If customers are not forced to return items en masse and the suppliers are also taking responsibility for better merchandise everybody should win: content customers getting more with less hassle (maybe they need to pay extra though), less trips between the source and the store and healthier planet.

Whilst alarming in some cases we would like to comment some aspects of the list. For example the Feru Flip Folder with a return rate of 33.33%. The rate is alarmingly high and obviously too round so more information would not hurt. It is likely that the sample is too small, for example from three units sold one was returned. Or take the 15m USB extension cable from Fuj:tech. 48% return rate would again suggest closer examination of the sample.

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