Demand planning

Data-driven forecasting engine to model future demand

Inventory optimization

Includes open-to-buy calculation to prevent over- and underbuying.

Price optimization

Pricing based on price elasticity is the key to turn prospects into customers and maximize profits.

Markdown optimization

Prevent excess markdowns which decrease profits

Merchandise Financial Planning

Merchandise financial planning module helps to optimize the inventory investments. It gives you answers to crucial category management questions about inventory purchases and markdowns.
WSSI and open-to-buy features allow to determine how much inventory is needed to buy each month to meet the demand forecast. Read about WSSI and open-to-buy.

Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting module uses machine learning algorithms to determine the demand level at a given price based on historical sales data.

Clear and robust merchandise planning process

  1. Set targets
  2. Plan Sales by channels and categories
  3. Plan margins
  4. Plan markdowns
  5. Plan forward covers and intakes
  6. Check open-to-buy: get overview of overbought and underbought categories

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