How it works?

1. Demand forecast

Easy way to create and manage sales forecasts with margins, markdowns and other metrics

2. Inventory plan

Count in all known inventory movements and current balance

3. Open-to-buy

Report shows the overbought and underbought categories.

4. Take action

Buy more products, re-allocate or launch additional promotions.

Designed to make retail management easier

Actionable visualizations of overbought and underbought categories help to set right activities, every week.

Compare plans and actuals easily, model and re-model hundreds of categories and stores in minutes.

Quick start with Retail Optimizer

Standardized onboarding process
  1. Upload product categories, sales channels and customer groups
  2. Upload past sales
  3. Create sales and margin plans by categories, stores and customer segments
  4. Upload existing inventories and planned intakes
  5. Set your target end of period inventory levels
  6. Create markdown and promo plans
  7. You're done! Check which product categories are underbought or overbought.

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